Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 Easy Snacks

Healthy snacking will keep your metabolism going, stabilize energy and sugar levels and prevent bingeing or emotional eating.  Know your metabolism and have a mid-morning snack, about two and a half hours after you eat breakfast and then have your afternoon snack in between lunch and dinner.  Here are a couple natural snack ideas that take minimal preparation and have maximum benefit:  

1.  Fruit:  Apples and Bananas

  • Buy 5 servings of fruit at the store before the week begins
  • Bring one serving with you to have as your mid-morning/ afternoon snack 
2.  Almonds
  • Count one (1) ounce or about 20 raw almonds ahead of time
  • Place in a snack bag and grab on the go
3.  Legumes: Red, Black, Pinto Beans
  • Buy a can of mixed beans at the store, about 2.5 servings, split it up into 2-3 servings
  • Place servings into tupperware containers and then you can even add a teaspoon of your favorite italian dressing
4. Veggies: Baby Carrots & Celery
  • Measure out the veggies- Carrots: 6 ounces, Celery: 6 ounces, place them in snack bags for an easy grab
  • Spice it up: add a teaspoon of your favorite italian dressing into bag and bring a napkin
5.  Cottage Cheese & Whole Grain Crackers
  • Find a whole grain cracker or bread you like
  • Spread 2 ounces of cottage cheese on top and enjoy

When it comes to snacking, your best bet is to stay with fresh food, the more natural, the cleaner the energy and the better you will feel!  So think ahead, grab a snack and feel good on your weight loss journey.   

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  1. I really like cold edamame with italian dressing!
    I read your comment, but I do not know how to connect blogs. I think that would be a great idea though. Just so you know, my blog will be more personal sometimes, and also will highlight tips and research on PCOS as well as other health issues related to nutritional deficiencies and obesity.