Thursday, January 27, 2011

Avoid Weekend Binging

"New Data indicates that overeating, even for short periods, appears to have a long-term effect on your waistline." (Says Whole Living Magazine in a brief paragraph about binging.)  But even more important, if you are binging or over doing it on the weekend, you are erasing the progress you made during the week.

Most people on diets either have a free meal, free day, or even free weekend.  However, there is a big difference between indulging on your favorite food and binging on it.  I believe binges are an emotional escape from your current reality.  If you find yourself binging on the weekends, stop and ask your self what is going on within you and what you are truly looking for.  Most of the time it is not extra calories, its peace or love or acceptance, and this is not what food offers.  If you eat to fill this emptiness, you will just have to face these same emotions when the fat is released during your weight loss program.  So STOP and inquire within before you automatically shove it down with food.

I always say:  "Your weight loss will happen when you value feeling good in your body, over tasting something in your mouth."  -Sophie Skover

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