Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Dinner Time Tips

1.  When preparing food, refrain from munching, wait for the meal to be ready.

2.  Use a small (salad plate) for your whole meal.

3.  Drink seltzer water/ club soda with your meal, to keep you full and satisfied.

4.  Cook food, measure out portions, then fridge or freeze the rest before eating.

5.  When eating at a table, make plates in the Kitchen and don't bring food to the table.

6.  Have your plate look 2/3's green, more veggies-better health.

7.  When cleaning up, chew gum.

8.  Need a sweet fix?  Try dark chocolate chips, count out a serving (16 chips) and sit down to enjoy.

9.  Feel full?  Go for a 10-20 minute walk to help your body move and process the food.

10.  Hungry before bed?  Just go to sleep, grab a book and begin to shut down your engines.  It is better for your body to not process food when your sleeping.

Remember food is for fuel, but God also gave us taste buds and in this lifetime its about learning to balance the two!

Have any more tips?  Please post below...

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