Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you REALY want?

If you Really, Really, Really, Really, Really want something (Yes that is five really's)  it will show up for you.  Each really stands for a different stage of manifestation and we must have them all working in order to create what it is we REALLY want.  Here is how and why:

1.  Wish
Wishing is the first way that things show up to us. The internal dialogue might sound like this "I wish I could loose weight, be skinnier, or more muscular."  This is the first part of creation.  We have to be in touch with what we want, to be able to notice it once it shows up.  The wish stage is vital to bringing anything you want, into your life.
Assignment:  Notice what you are wishing for?

2.  Deserve
Do you believe, deep down in your heart of hearts, that you "deserve" to have this thing.  The second step is checking in with your inner life and asking if you believe you deserve it.  This stage is crucial, because if you don't feel you deserve it, you will just stay in the wishing stage. If the answer is Yes, you can move along to number 3.  However, if the answer is no, you must do some inner work on this place to unblock yourself from what you want and getting it.
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3.  Desire
How bad do you want it?  Desire is defined as wanting something strongly and requesting it.  So we have two parts:  the strong want and the ask.  Jesus said: "ask and you shall receive."  There is a lot of power to these five words strung together.  Your desire might sound like this:  "I really want to loose weight and am ready to begin a new eating plan."  The ask portion of this desire may sound like this: "God, please guide me to the perfect weight loss plan, help me truly heal the issues that put this weight on, and gracefully support me as it melts away."  The desire stage implies asking and then an action plan.

4.  Intention
This is the enthusiastic planning stage where; your intention, willingness and determination all come together with quiet confidence.  This may sound like: "I am losing weight right now and believe that everything that comes into my path is to assist me in this goal, regardless of the distracting costume it may come in."  This stage breaks down your inner strength and determination towards a goal.

5.  Passion
The final step to getting what you really want is putting emotional passion into it.  Feeling, thinking and acting as if its already here. For instance, you probably wont lose weight by hating being fat.  You will lose weight by loving yourself into a more comfortable body.  This is the stage of knowing and believing you can have anything you want.  Your knowings are deep down and in touch with who you really are.  Once you know it, it will show up.

When it comes to what you REALLY want, what stage are you in?

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