Monday, February 28, 2011

Take only today
then take only this morning
then take only this hour
then take only this moment
...and you have the now!

The Now is who you are.
The Now is not when you think it is,
The Now has nothing to do with thought.

To be at one with life,
is to be at one with the state of presence.

You are the main character in your story
Train your brain to live in the now.  

The Now is where your relationship with food happens.  Decisions are made in the now, but if you are out of sync with the now, you will be out of sync with your goals.  When you practice living in the now, you will find yourself unveiling the lie that food offers.  Food is here for two reasons, fuel and pleasure, however, the lie is an alluring thought that says "that food, or the taste, texture, experience of that food will make it all better."   

Much of the time, the idea of taste is so much better than the actual taste itself.  It's kind of like reading a book and then seeing the movie, 9 out of 10 people say the book was better.  Why is that?  Because they were able to add their own imagination to it and get swept away by the idea.  This same thing happens with food.  The idea, the imagination of it, can be so much better than the actual experience of it.  When you live in the now, choosing food for balanced reasons become possible. I invite you into this moment, which is your life. 

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