Monday, March 28, 2011

The Body's Brilliance

Our body is made up of tons of molecules.  One molecule holds enough information to fill four hundred books as thick as the bible.  Our bodies are amazing machines and are more reliable than anything man has to offer.  One person contains up to 75 billion cells.  Although these cells are microscopic, they are what keep us healthy, functioning, and balanced.  They are our friends, but most of the time, we do not take enough time to sit back and realize the miracle that is taking place behind the scenes.  Every single cell lives in a tiny pouch of water, and acts as a blanket around them.  So, if you are dehydrated, every cell is being denied its proper environment to function optimally.  

When we overeat or over indulge, we are ignoring this brilliance, this miracle called the body.  Therfore, the body begins to function on a default.  Honor your body today, ask it what it needs and give it to yourself with love. 

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