Monday, March 07, 2011

How much does alcohol weigh?

We have all heard that alcohol has empty calories and will make you gain weight, but what does that really mean?  I am not going to go into the scientific break-down of this statement, I am going to break this down in laymen's terms.  Basically, two drinks will put about 1 pound of bloat on your body.  So if you have two drinks Friday, two drinks Saturday and two drinks Sunday, you may weigh in 3 pounds heavier on Monday.

Having a drink maximum is a necessity if you are in weight loss mode.  Loosing weight takes sacrifice and as I embark upon these last five pounds of my journey I am learning a whole new meaning to this word "sacrifice."

I encourage you, at whatever point it may be on your journey, to stop and look at what you have accomplished so far.  Seeing your accomplishments will help fuel you up for the sacrifices that may have to be made. So recognize yourself, see your strengths, see the changes you have made and then look at one area that may need to improve and work on that this week!

**The way alcohol affects a specific individual's weight loss will differ depending on their metabolism, output and muscle ratio.  Work with this and see how much alcohol weighs in you.  

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