Monday, May 16, 2011

Achieving Your Goal

Dear Sophie,  I’m within the last five pounds for hitting my goal weight and I only have two weeks left.  I know I’m not going to make the deadline.  What do I do?       - E.S., North Palm Beach

Dear E.S., 
My recommendation is DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR GOAL!  You can loose this last five pounds in two weeks.  You CAN do this, but it will mean creating a strict plan, executing the plan and following through with your initial intention.  

Here is what you can do to lose the last five pounds:
1.  Join weight watchers (three month promotion for $50)
2.  Follow the points, track everything you eat and be honest
3.  Know you can achieve any goal you set.
4.  Remember, losing weight is not easy, it takes hard work and determination
5.  Get into "skinny thinking" and cut your portions in half
6.  Move your body for 30 minutes per day, breaking a sweat
7.  Drink half your body weight in water
8.  Believe in yourself and your efforts

If you follow these steps, you will drop the last five and can celebrate your accomplishments over the holiday weekend!

Good Luck!  

Disclaimer:  Losing 2 pounds a week is considered a healthy pace for weight loss.  However, if you really want to hit a goal within a specific time frame, pushing for that extra half a pound a week is possible, to achieve your goal.  

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