Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vacationing and Losing Weight

Dear Sophie, I seem to have conquered eating for health and weight loss at home. But I have two questions: 
  1. When I am traveling and on vacation what should I do with my weight loss goal? 
  2. I struggle with making healthy choices when I am eating out and tend to overdo it.  Any suggestions for healthful eating out?  
-G.S. Princeton, NJ

Dear G.S.,

It can be a challenge to find your grove when you are taken out of your comfortable home environment.  When we are home, we have control of what is in the fridge, how we prepare our food and more ability to stick to a routine. However, with some time and foucs you can develop a healthy "eating out" mentality.   Here are a couple tips to use when you are on vacation and in weight loss mode:

1.  Question One: Vacations and Weight Loss
  • Define Your Goal.  It is important to know what your actual goal is when you are on vacation and that it is realistic.  If you are going on a vacation for a week (during a weight loss goal) a smart goal would be to maintain your current weight and not try to lose weight.  The maintaining aspect will take work, but alow you to be a tad more indulgent than you would, if you were still trying to lose. 
  • The Maintanance Plan.  A good rule to follow when on vacation is to only eat one big meal a day and then eat fruit and veggies on either end of that meal.  If you are going out to lunch try not to go out to a big dinner.  Chose the meal you would like to be the biggest and then order what you like, but eat half and leave half.  Track your food or calories and be honest with yourself, but enjoy the savor and flavor.
  • Overdoing it.  If you have overdone it, it is ok.  Now it is time for a little extra movement.  Go take a walk or go to a gym and work up a sweat for a solid 30 minutes.  Then let it go. 
  • Less is More.  Remember that it feels better when you dont eat too much, your stomach feels flatter, your body feels lighter and you in general feel better, so value feeling good when you are on your vacation and hopefully that will help you make great choices!
2. Question Two: Weight-Loss Strategies When Dining Out
  • The Feel Good Choice.  It is not only about chosing salads and veggies when out.  It is about enjoying the food, wine, company and life.  However, you want to make choices that make you feel good.  Ask yourself, what is on this menu that will leave me feeling good?  Then choose that. 
  • The Strict Way.  If you are serious about losing weight, and have to eat out follow these tips:
    • Dont even look at the menu; just order a garden salad with chicken and dressing on the side.
    • If you want an appetizer... Using a utensil, take three bites worth and place it on your plate and pass it. 
    • Order Soda Water- Even if you are drinking a soda, wine, etc...this is a great way to stay full and hyrdated, but have a little bubble to keep it fun!

Depending where you are along your weight loss journey will lead you to practice the best tip for you.  Take what you liked that you have read here today and leave the rest!

Good Luck!

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