Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Stubborn Weight

Dear Sophie, 

The last time I was at my ideal weight, it was only for a short time. I was very sick, so I actually lost too much weight and then assumed the attitude, "I need to put some weight on" and I gained too much.  I've managed to lose almost all of my weight, but the last 5 pounds and I think it's psychological. I am scared too lose the weight -I'm starting to have that thin look that my mind is associating with the time I was "very sick". How can I get over this? 

Thanks, Elizabeth :) ____________________________________________________

Dear Elizabeth, 

First off, congratulations on coming this far and being down to the last five pounds!  That is a great accomplishment and needs to be recognized.  As for the psychological part, I think there are a couple things going on here: 

1. Ask yourself:  What are you truly scared of when it comes to losing this weight?  I believe that weight loss has so much to do with facing ourselves and as you drop the fat,  the emotional/ mental/ spiritual soot that encouraged it to form in the first place- is released.  While this can be hard to understand when it is happening, it is important to face the emotional, mental, and memorable soot from the past and release it.
2.  Find a new association with this weight.  Does this weight equal unhealthy?  If so, find a new weight.  However, if this weight is associated with being healthy, create a new affirmation that will help your mindset shift and see that this transition is positive!  For instance- "I love my body at 120 pounds and trust its wisdom."

Weight loss provides us the opportunity to look within and hop on the self-reflective path.  It encourages us to look at ourself and see how we may have used food to shove our painful thoughts, emotions, or experiences down into the body which then turn into fat.  When we look within, we find answers!
Good luck on your journey and release away!  

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