Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Blogger: Michele Rosenthal frees herself from PTSD

Who is Michele Rosenthal? 
At the age of thirteen Michele Rosenthal survived such a rare, life-threatening illness none of her doctors had actually seen a case. Out of the hospital and making a full recovery, she believed if she only looked toward the future she could escape the trauma in her past. Twenty-five years later, however, the young girl had become a woman imprisoned by memories, fear and posttraumatic stress disorder. In a bid to reclaim her life and heal her soul Michele boldly left the world she knew in search of a self she could barely imagine. From New York City to South Florida she traveled on an odyssey that took her from the depths of despair to the heights of joy, from her kitchen floor to the dance floor, from a child frozen in helplessness to a woman who is powerful, courageous and free. In her transformation lie the seeds for anyone who wants to conquer the past and create the future.

What is her book about? 
BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future-A Memoir, is one woman’s quest to triumph over trauma — and the very unexpected way she did it. To learn more about the book and get your own copy (plus almost $2,000 of free trauma support gifts), visit between now and May 2nd.

What will we get from reading "BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED"? 
If you’re looking for inspiration and proof that you can beat depression, anxiety and fear then Michele Rosenthal is an author you need to meet. Her memoir about trauma, survival, resilience and redemption will show you the beauty of the human spirit and inspire you to tap into your own healing potential. 

Is it really possible to overcome PTSD? 
There’s no doubt about it: The challenging events in your life test who you are and force you to choose how you respond.  When you experience a life-altering event it’s easy to believe you will never again feel happiness, freedom, love or joy. In fact, the sadness, grief and confusion that life’s challenges bring can make the whole world seem dangerous and everyone in it a source of threat, disappointment and hurt.  But Michele is proof that you can beat your depression, anxiety and fear and will show you that we all have the capability to overcome even the deepest pain! 

Where can I purchase the book? 
To learn more about the book and get your own copy (plus almost $2,000 of free trauma support gifts), visit between now and May 2nd.

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