Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What's the first step to overcoming food cravings?

Te first thing to recognize is that food is not the problem.  When a food craving comes to your awareness it is simply an indication that something is off within your body, emotions, mind or spirit.  The next step is to go deeper and ask yourself the four questions:

1.  What happened today?
2.  What emotion did it make me feel?
3.  What does that emotion feel like within?
4.  And what do I really want?

For example:  lets say you want potato chips.  First, ask yourself "the four questions".  1) my teacher looked at me today with a negative expression on her face. 2) Her expression made me feel stupid. 3) Stupidity feels like worthlessness and disempowerment. 4)  I really want to feel smart and worthy.  In this example, what do potato chips have to do with feeling smart and worthy?  Nothing.  The goal then is to give yourself what you are truly looking for.   Next find things that you cannot BLT (bit, lick or taste) that make you feel smart and worthy and then practice giving those things to yourself.

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