Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Low-Cal Leftovers (all under 400 Calories)

The average Thanksgiving meal can add up to 3-4,000 calories, in one sitting. This can make the idea of leftovers overwhelming and can add to the mentality of holiday weight gain.  Leftovers, however, can be so yummy when you make sure to eat only 400 calories or less in one sitting.   (The key to the four hundred calorie meal  is that you can burn through approximately 200 to 400 calories in one sitting, so if you only eat that much food, you are likely to burn and not store.)  Low-cal leftovers are the answer to enjoying the indulgent holiday remnants, but eliminating the holiday weight gain!

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your leftovers, all under 400 calories.  All you have to do is be conscious and mindful and measure your food portions!  

Thanksgiving Low-Cal Leftovers 
(all under 400 Calories)

1.      Thanksgiving Open-Face Sandwich: 390 calories
a.       Whole wheat bread—1 slice, 110 calories
b.      Cranberry Sauce Spread—¼ cup, 100 calories
c.       Turkey—2 ounces, 80 calories
d.      Green Bean casserole—1/3 cup, 100 calories

2.      Thanksgiving Simple Dish: 375 calories
a.       Turkey—3 ounces, 125 calories
b.      Mashed Potatoes—1/2 cup, 200 calories
c.       Cream Gravy—¼ cup (3 second pour) 50 calories

3.      Protein Lovers: 310 calories
a.     Turkey—4 ounces (2 pieces) 160 calories
b.      Green Bean casserole—1/2 cup, 150 calories (place in-between turkey, eaten like a sandwich)

4.      Sweet-Tooth Special: 315 calories
a.       Pumpkin Pie—1/8 of pie (Of a 9 inch diameter pie), 315 calories

5.      Thanksgiving Sampler: 390 calories
a.       Turkey—1 ounce, 40 calories
b.      Mashed Potatoes—1/4 cup, 100 calories
c.       Candied Sweet Potatoes—¼ cup, 75 calories           
d.      Stuffing—1/4 cup, 100 calories
e.       Green Bean Casserole—¼ cup, 75 calories   

Happy Holiday Season!  

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