Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Tips to Maintaining your Weight-
Over the Weekend

  1. Create a Weekend Plan
    • On Friday afternoon, look over your weekend and see where you tend to have downfalls or  make poor choices.  Then create a new plan before hand and give it a try. 
  2. Maintain your Weight over the Weekend
    • Maintaining your weight and loosing weight are two different categories, know the difference and plan to maintain on the weekends.  
  3. Use the 80 / 20 Rule 
    • 80 percent of the time focus on fueling your body for health and then 20 percent of the time- indulge.
    • If these percentages are broken down over a week that means; 5.6 days are clean eating and 1.4 days can be more indulgent.
    • NOTE:  the 80/20 rule will not help you loose weight, it will maintain this current weight
  4. Stay Active
    • Incorporate 30 minutes of movement into each day on the weekend.
  5. Happy Hours, Socializing and Drinking.
    • If eating appetizers, order something you REALLY want, put half onto your plate and only eat that. (Sticking with one thing will help you stay focused.)
    • Have a 3 drink maximum
      • Tip:  If your favorite drink is vodka soda; order a shot of vodka -do NOT shoot it- and then a glass of a soda and pour half the shot into the glass.  (Making your own drinks allows you to control the flow of alcohol and also helps with your tolerance.  As you loose weight you will also lose your tolerance.)
  6. Socialize without Calories 
    • Begin to value others and their experiences. Ask questions and listen! 
  7. Use "Skinny Thinking"
    • Say and repeat affirmations that keep you on track.
    • "Feeling good in my body tastes so much better than ____." <- insert food here!
  8. Eat half, Leave Half!
    • When eating out, order what you want but cut in all in half, ask for a togo bag, wrap up the other half and only eat half.
    • If you have more control just cut it and remain disciplined. 
  9. Grocery Shop on Sunday
    • Plan out what you will have to eat this week and then have it around.  
    • "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."
  10. Know: You Only Taste the first THREE bites
    • Allow yourself to have what you like but begin to gain awareness of how much you really taste it after the first three bites. 
Use these tips for a successful weekend and post comments about your journey!

Sophie Skover


  1. I agree with what you said about only tasting the first three bites. Sometimes when I am cooking, I think that I am REALLY hungry, but after I sit down to eat, I take between 3-5 nice slow bites, and I am full and satisfied! After that I feel like I am forcing myself to eat, which I used to do, but not anymore! :)

  2. Sharing several appetizers with several others during happy hour can be challenging. I find that if I am going to eat, ordering my own plate and having a "meal" is an advantage. It helps me keep track of what I have actually had and defines a clear boundaries of "eating time".