Monday, June 06, 2011

Inner Issues Underneath Overeating

We all have issues; big ones, obvious ones, small ones, invisible ones, but one thing that is the same for us all, we all have them.  I don’t care who you are, how much you have or don’t have, not one of us are impervious to having issues.  Everyone on this Earth has some kind of issue and there have been statistics to report that up to 85% of families in America are considered dysfunctional.  So having issues with life is not so rare, but rather the American normal.   When we don’t face our issues, they turn into problems or cravings.  When we react to our problems or act on our cravings, we create more inner dilemmas. 
However, we have a choice and this choice is detrimental to healing Your Continuous Appetite.  The choice is to begin to face the true issue going on within.  Life offers us all information and messages through the situations in our lives, when we don’t hear the message, it turns into a dilemma. When we don’t tackle the dilemma, it turns into a calamity, when the calamity is left unresolved our life turns into turmoil.   
Up until this point, your mind has probably made you think that food is the problem.  You have probably focused on diets, exercises and rules to restrict this “problem”.  But the dilemma does not exist in the food.  It lives in the imbalance of your mind, emotions, body and spirit.  Overeating has become a coping mechanism and once you stop looking at food as the problem and start seeing it as the messenger to look deeper, you can begin to heal the real issues inside.  These inner issues are the cause of The Continuous Appetite, but the great news is, if you are ready to look within you will begin to transform this dreadful habit!   

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